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Speaking in Sign

Girls and Troops from other councils are welcome to use these requirements and purchase the patches online.

Complete 6 requirements:


Learn the finger-spelling alphabet. Practice signing your name. Practice finger spelling with a friend.


Learn to sign the Girls Scout Promise and the Pledge of Allegiance. Teach the signs to another scout troop.


Learn some songs in sign language. Put on a show for your parents or another group of kids.


Play Charades......see how well you can communicate non-verbally. You may even want to use some actual sign language.
You can find a sign language dictionary in your local library to help you.


Try to have a conversation with a friend, without using your voice. Try to understand each other by reading lips. Then try again using signs and gestures.


Watch a video featuring performers who are deaf and use sign language to communicate. Try watching a regular program on TV, but turn off the sound. See how much you can understand without the sound on. Try again, but this time, turn on the closed captioning feature on the TV.


Learn about Deaf Culture. Learn about different styles of Sign Language such as ASL, Signed English and Signing Exact English. Learn about other ways that people who are deaf can communicate with each other and with people who can hear. If possible, invited someone who has a hearing impairment to come to your troop meeting and answer questions.


Call the phone company and ask about TTY. Ask them to explain how the TTY works to enable individuals with hearing impairments to communicate using the telephone.


Visit a store that sells hearing aids. Ask the technicians how they work and ask for a demonstration. Ask about the different types of hearing aids that are available.


Learn about the history of sign language.

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